Monday, May 3, 2010

Savingmoneylicious. (Hey, I made up my own word!)

You all like to know what other people are buying at
the store. This is a guarantee.

You know why I know this?

Because half of America (and other countries included) are
Reality TV junkies. Sure, you make scoff and say that it's
not really an issue. You can quit at any time. You aren't
REALLY that dependant on the drama of others. And if it's not
drama, you want to know what all the current It person is
wearing, buying, eating, wiping their behind with. Hey,
don't shoot the messenger. If it wasn't true, all the checkout
mags would be making zilch off all us daily.

I say, let your freak flag fly. If that's what makes you happy,
shoot....who's it hurting? There are worse habits you could be
trying to kick. Reality television, low on the radar.
(If it makes you feel better, I have a new fascination with this show, Jerseylicious. YES, I know that's not typical behavior and it's
not really truth, but that doesn't make it any less
entertaining.) Honestly, aren't we a little glad that
it's their drama and not ours?

I have a point.

I'm not your next It girl. Believe me. BUT, I know you all
want to know how I save money every week and still be able to
say that I have a "Double Wide Skillet, Single Wide Budget".
It really does all work out. And you get your fix for reality,
because what's more real than having fifty bucks to feed your
whole family for one week. And I'm going to give you a
look-see into my wallet and show you how I did it. Just
leave my change where it is and don't be snooping at my
driver's license. You REALLY don't need to know my age and
weight.(Disclaimer: This does not count for small stops at
the store for small items, like bags of flour. This week, my
kids want to make cookies with Mom and has a couple more
homemade flour-using items than usual. I usually will buy a huge
bag of flour on my big grocery trip but with all the kids'
birthday expenses and homemade cakes for both boys, I don't have
extra for a big grocery trip.)

I know you can handle it. Hike up your big girl (or big boy) panties.

This week, I was able to buy all this for fifty dollars
(with a couple odds and ends):

Two loaves bread
One pkg. hoagie rolls
Two pkgs. salad mix
Really big bag broccoli
Four packages off brand "Buddig" beef
7 pounds bananas
4 pounds tomatoes
2 meals worth ground beef
2 meals worth fresh chicken breasts
4 cartons XL eggs
2 packs off brand soda (husband's lunch)
4# carton strawberries
Fresh mushrooms
Couple cans Campbell's double-strength beef broth
Couple three packages of yeast

Really not super fabulous, but with my pantry ingredients,
I can make this work to my advantage. How? I'll show you.
Keep in mind that if I don't show a vegetable side, that
we're most likely doing a vegetable platter with a low-calorie,
homemade dressing. Also it's safe to assume that for the pasta,
I'm using a whole wheat pasta I've bought on sale and for the
baked items, I'll either use half or mostly whole wheat flour
when I can.

This week's menu plan:

Carnation Swedish Meatballs
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed broccoli

Snooty Chicken, White Trash Style (made into sandwiches)
Buenisimo Garlic Fries
Vegetable platter

From-Scratch Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Buttermilk Parmesan Ranch Bread

Creamed Eggs on Toast (with the "Buddig" beef)
Homemade biscuits
Sunday Best Fruit Salad (with low-sugar peaches instead of peach filling)

Harwood Family Salisbury Steak
Onion Rice
Creamy Green Beans Parmesan, lightened up

Simple-spiced Fried Pork Chops
Penne, Tomato and Mozzerella Salad
Harwood Family Favorite Cornbread

Buffet Night aka Clean Out the Fridge Night aka Mom's Night Off.

Now, I know it really dosen't look like much. But to me, with
the pantry items I have and the pork chops I buy when they're
marked down and stick them in the freezer really helps out on tight
weeks when I really don't have a lot of breathing room.

And you have to realize that I get to the store EARLY, like
when they open. I've been known to get all Springer-like and
knock another person down for marked down meat and bread. I
have three boys living in my house that like to eat! There's
no shame here. I find that if I plan ahead and make menu's
and outline everything I'll need for the week (and fill in
the gaps at my favorite Grocery Outlet store.....NO, they
are NOT paying me to hock their merchandise.....I just
love their business.), everything will be taken care of.
Both the boys' bellies and my wallet. Even if I got to
strong arm someone now and then.

Between you and me, you can get all Jerseylicious in your
head that you're the scary beeyotch that saved money while
you're eyeing the woman next to you and the items
in her cart who's paying twice what you did.

Aw. Come on, now. We ALL do it.

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