Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love, Me?

Okay. It's been a year since I posted last. I have no good excuses or
reasons why I let it go for so long. I think about blogging all
the time. But for one reason or another, I can't seem to make it work.
There's always something that's keeping me from something I love.

Ooooooooh, I'm gonna sit on my a** on the couch and fondle the remote.

No. That's not always what happened. Just a majority of the time.

Truth be told, it's been one. long. year.

We picked up from our home state and moved way out of our comfort
zone to a brand spankin' new state. Since then, it's been a struggle
to keep afloat and find solid ground. Even though it's almost been
a year, we're still working to find that solid ground. It's really
tested our marriage, our sanity, the very core of who we are as a
family. I really didn't feel like I wanted to air the dirty laundry
of my personal life because it was bad enough I had to see it myself.

And truth be told, I'm struggling with my food addiction.

I won't get down to the nitty gritty because, we'll.......I think it's
time for me to stop wallowing and going over the things I do wrong. I
need to focus on what I do right. I've got one heck of a voice, I've got
a knack with cooking and I think I know how to connect with people.

Basically, this post is stating that I'm back. I'm going to blog and I'm
going to find my way back to what I love.

And I hope that what I love turns out to be me. For once.


  1. So happy to see an updated post from you on my blogger dash board and really looking forward to your future posts....

  2. I'm so excited to see your back! I actually found your blog and recipes through All Recipes just over a year ago - I loved the weekly menu plans - budget friendly and food my kids would actually eat. Your salsa recipe has become a favorite here (umm yes I've been known to eat it with a spoon - it's that good) - and my picky eater asks for your Sloppy Joes all the time.
    Really looking forward to future posts!

  3. You know I love you & I'm proud you've dusted your blog off. :)

  4. So glad you are back to posting! I love your blogs!

  5. I was just thinking of you and wondering how you were. Life is nothing if not a challenge, isn't it? Glad to see you back!

  6. I can actually say I got a little misty eyed! I'm glad I've had a chance to become your "friend" even if it is just in the virtual world!