Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summertime....and the livin' is easy......

Hey! It's summer!

We'll, kinda. For those of you who live in the Northwest,
you know what the weather's been like here. This weekend was
actually the closest to summer weather we've had in almost two weeks.
And it's been glorious. Sunny skies, perfect temperature and the
outside is ripe for all kinds of fun times.

I've actually gotten up and out of the house. You see, over
the winter I kind of hibernated. I stayed in and played board
games, cooked winter-y dishes and just enjoyed the whole
sweats and blanket mentality. Which means I gained back a
lot of the weight I lost last spring/summer. I was kicking my
own bootay for a while, doing the whole talking shit
deal to myself about how stupid that was until I kind of
took a step back and was all "Uh, stop complaining and get off
your ass.

So, I'm getting off my ass and exercising. I walk two miles in
the morning, I've cut out all energy drinks from my diet over
two weeks ago (and LORD, that was hard.....I loved
my Cherry Bombs.....), and I've started to trim my diet down
to include even more fresh local produce, lots of water instead
of coffee/soda and cutting WAY back on the sugar.
It's really a pain in my backside right now because I miss all
my butter, carbs and lord help me, sugar. I'm a serious sugar addict.

I have a point.

I'm going to try to sit around less. Which means I'm going to have
to really bust my butt to get my blogs out in record time so I can
be out doing things. And, I've got to start revamping my recipes
again to suit a healthier lifestyle. going to suck.
I'm afraid the fat girl inside of me is just waiting for the skinny
girl to close her eyes for just one second......this way
she can have her full fat cream and butter in exorbant amounts.

Lord have mercy.

These are the changes I've made so far. I now use FF cream/sour
cream/yogurt, whole wheat pastas, half the butter, healthier
cuts of meat and even cauliflower subbed for potatoes in my
potato salad. Some of this stuff I already did before, to a point
but it can't help to do more. And you CAN do this on a single-wide
budget. You'll actually find that you're spending less when you buy
more healthy ingredients and less "filler". It's already been almost
a week and I feel GREAT. If this interests you at all, stalk me!
(Okay, not REALLY full-blown stalking. A little stalking would
be okay.) Or shoot, give me some pointers on what works for you
and we all can be the body-happy people we want to be, whatever
our shape. Shoot. I'd be happy with being a size 12 jeans again.

I like junk in my trunk. Ain't NO shame here.

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