Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week one down......ten pounds lighter.

School has let out for the summer.

And I swear, I am more tired now than I was before it let out.
But this is a good thing. Because it's a different kind of tired.
The kind of tired that you feel great that you
accomplished something to make yourself a better person.

So far, I've been doing great with my weight loss. I'm down ten
pounds, have almost completely kicked sugar and feel better than
I have in years. I even walk with my olderson in the morning
which is truly a blessing because we can catch up about the day
before and we can spend time together just the two of us before
anyone else gets up. (He told me yesterday that it's really
about coming home and having a hot cocoa and quiet but I know
he just dosen't want me to get a swelled head about how much fun
we're having.)

With all this extra energy, I get things done. I want to go out
and PLAY. Before, I didn't really do that. I just sat around
and felt like crud all the time. No fun for anyone. It's really
been an eye opener for me how much I couldn't get accomplished
because I was so tired.

I don't know why I ever went back to eating the way that got me
this way. It's like.....what in the heck was I thinking? If it feels
so good to eat better and exercise, why in the heck did
I stop? And you know, I don't know why. I really don't.
I could tell you all that it was my Mom brain and because I
juggle so much on a daily basis that it was just easier but we all
know that's a load of poo. Sure, I had two kids and I got married
but I didn't gain the weight because I was a happy new mother or a
happy newlywed. S**t happens.

So. Make it unhappen. Whatever the reason.

Am I making any sense? I tend to babble and talk the long way
around most of the time. First week went well. Making recipes
lighter isn't all that difficult. And yeah, I miss butter
and sugar but 1) not enough to keep on bein' overweight and
feel sick all the time 2) it's almost like a fantasy, where the
idea of eating sugar and fat is better than it really is.

That's kind of where I'm at lately. Trying to get my shit together.

Whatcha think?

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