Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cheating in any way always comes with consequences.

Hey. Guess what?

My "visitor" is gone. Glory be. I've never been more glad
to see something end. We'll, that's not entirely true. I've
felt that way about more than one thing in my life a time or two.

I admit. I kept at it. I really did. And I was down almost another
five pounds. Almost.

But, I fudged last night. Big time. We'd had a long day yesterday
and I was bone tired when I got home and didn't have the energy
to juggle the kids until bedtime and cook dinner. So, when the
kids asked if we could do pizza for dinner, I caved. They make
it so easy now, you don't even have to call it in if you don't
have to. You can order pizza online!

I've got a secret, though. I think the "diet" gods were waiting
for me to eff up. Honestly.

I don't know how I did it but when I ordered my Veggie Lovers
pizza minus the green peppers and plus jalapenos, it came back to
me exactly how I ordered it. Supposedly. Only it didn't. Half my
Veggie pizza had cheese and extra jalapenos and the other half had
the veggies and extra jalapenos. But, of course, I was too tired
to pay attention and notice that something was different. And,
my saint of a husband said nothing to me while I kept stopping
for a while between bites and remarking how hot it was. Noooooo,
he waited until I'd finished my first piece that he thought I'd
ordered my pizza really different from usual but that he thought
I "knew what I was doing". (Lord. When do I ever really know what
I'm doing. I fake it REAL well.) I will fess up that I was suffering
for that pizza in more ways than just one last night.

And this morning, too.

My husband, of course, thought this was a RIOT. And kept singing
a particular Johnny Cash song all morning to me. What a guy.


Let me be a lesson for you. If you plan on swerving off your new
path for a healthier body, make sure you don't bring passengers.

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