Sunday, July 25, 2010

I may take the scenic route, but I eventually reach my destination.

My body took a road trip the last couple days.

No, not really, but the time I take to figure out what works for
my diet and what doesn't is kind of like a road trip. Think about
it. When you get in the car with the whole family, you're super
excited about your destination because it's going to be OMG, fun. Dad's
secretly dreading it because he'll be driving most of the way and
will become the family pack mule. He just wants to get there and
get it over with so he can relax. Mom wants to check out all the
side bonuses on the way, like the Biggest Ball of Twine and she wants
to take pictures of the kids in every state. The kids are just excited
to be going somewhere new, until the excitement wears off in the
first few hours and then they have to stop at every rest stop to

Dieting is kind of like that. It's super exciting in the beginning,
but once you get going, you hit all kinds of bumps in the road. Like
all the extra peeing due to the water you're drinking. Or the pitstops
your body makes when you've leveled out. And it's true that you get tired
of being a pack mule for your extra weight and you just want to relax.

It's not that I'm lazy. Goodness no. It's just it gets to be that
"time" and I get sluggish and I want to do things like lay in bed
in the morning instead of doing my two miles and I want to have lovely
things like white flour and processed food in bags. Which I did both.
In moderation, so it wasn't too awful. But still, my body was angry
and protesting. It's really no different than being in a hot car with
all your angry family members who want nothing to be somewhere where
everyone else isn't because they've just had enough.

Nothing about me is subtle.

My friends joke that I'm a little slow. It's the god-honest truth.
I am. I'll believe most any untruth I'm told. And my body told me a
HUGE one. I got on the scale yesterday morning and saw I put on
six pounds in....two days. I seriously thought it was a joke.
Come on, I had a few slices of veggie "pizza" and a portion of
Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. And I didn't do my morning walk
for two days. Okay, three. But I was tired. I jumped off the
scale, all the while giving the scale a talking-to for lying to me.
Got back on and the same six pounds were there, taunting me. And
then, I was cranky because I was sure that pizza and popcorn were
coming back to haunt me. Serves me right, yes? I knew that my body
can't handle it but I didn't want to listen, then am surprized
when all my inside organs go juvenile and just let go of everything. A
ll at once. And sit pouting because they'd warned be right before that
if I didn't get to a rest stop soon, they'd sure show me.

I have a point.

Once I got to thinking about it all day and crawled into bed and
REALLY thought about it, I was just about feeling as slow as all get
out. Because yes, I did put on six pounds but only one was really
something I could have controlled. Because I didn't think, oh yeah....
uh,you have five pounds of bloat EVERY MONTH. Doi.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I want to be the change. I
know a lot of you are like me who constantly torment yourself over
"falling off the wagon" and indulging in something now and then. I
know that you've got to let yourself have something every once and
a while or you'll never get to where you want to be, weight-wise.
I know now that processed white flour and packaged popcorn dosen't
work for me but I can find a way to make those things healthier
again so I can have them and enjoy them without my whole body going
on strike. And once I do this a time or two, I eventually find out
these shortcuts so the trip isn't quite as long and hard on the whole
body-family. This way, we enjoy the trip and it dosen't turn out like
a really bad version of National Lampoon's.

Do you know what I mean? Eh. Play along anyway.

So, for those of you who are also traveling to a new weight
destination, how's it going for you?

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